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Menu a la karte

menu Voznesenskaya Sloboda is currently one of the newest and up-to-date hotel complexes of the Vladimir Oblast.
Over several years of our functioning we made our hotel a multifunctional complex able of
managing any task in the area of hospitality.

Chef’s Entrée
Sakhalin oysters ps 390-00 Rub
Chef’s salted Siberian muksun 1/120 390-00 Rub
Carpaccio of Murmansk salmon with homemade pesto 100/20 290-00 Rub
Tartare of marbled beef sirloin
Chilled minced meat of Black Angus calf. Chef’s cooked with crisp bread
1/120 290-00 Rub
Tartare of tuna with lemon scent
Chilled minced tuna fillet on vegetable salsa and avocado with microgreens grown in our hothouse
1/120 390-00 Rub
Cold Appetizers
Smoked fish plate
Murmansk salmon, Far East shrimps, tender halibut, Bluefin tuna smoked on fruit tree chips
1/160/25 790-00 Rub
Duet of Siberian muksun and light salted Murmansk salmon 1/110 540-00 Rub
Assorted meat specialties
Boiled calf tongue, roast beef, scalded brisket pork, chicken roll. Served with mustard sauce
160/50/40 590-00 Rub
Cheese plate
Classical cheese with figs, almonds and peppermint
160/100 760-00 Rub
Vegetables with blue cheese dip
Fresh vegetables and greens in lavash basket; yogurt and blue cheese based dip
380/50 390-00 Rub
Pickles brined in barrels
Sauerkraut with cranberries, light brined tomatoes and cucumbers, onions in sherry based marinade, homemade lecsó
1/450 370-00 Rub
Atlantic duet of spice salted herring and mackerel 1/185 290-00 Rub
Black osetra caviar 1/100 7000-00 Rub
“Posolskaya”red caviar 1/50 460-00 Rub
“Osobaya” pike caviar 1/50 380-00 Rub
Pickled forest mushrooms
Ceps or milk mushrooms served with sour cream
100/30 420-00 Rub
Homemade salo
Homemade salo with garlic croutons and green onions
100/60 340-00 Rub
Beef pastirma
Dry-cured meat in homemade spices
1/150 450-00 Rub
Light salad with smoked shrimps
Lettuce with light smoked tiger shrimps, tomatoes, arugula and balsamic dressing
1/210 520-00 Rub
“Rose Pearl” salad with salmon and caviar
Light salad with salmon petals and red caviar with lemon and honey dressing
1/210 460-00 Rub
Salad with eel
Marinated eel petals in perfect harmony with crispy lettuce, small radish, cucumber, mini tomatoes, quail eggs and dressing based on Greek olive oil
1/220 520-00 Rub
Green salad with chicken meat
Lettuce with smoked chicken fillet, tomato concasse, parmesan and Cesar sauce
1/200 320-00 Rub
Steak salad with roast beef
London broil cooked and sliced filet mignon on green lettuce with chef’s dressing
1/220 440-00 Rub
Greek salad
1/220 310-00 Rub
Russian salad with crawfish and chicken meat
Vegetables, crawfish meat and chicken fillet smoked to a chef’s recipe on fruit tree chips in inhouse smoker
1/260 290-00 Rub
Beetroot salad with pickled forest mushrooms
1/210 290-00 Rub
Warm salad with bacon
1/220 330-00 Rub
Salad with smoked duck breast
Chef’s salad with duck meat, baked beetroot petals, home grown arugula, grapefruit and roasted pine nuts
1/200 430-00 Rub
Hot Appetizers
Fried cheese with honey and mustard sauce 150/40 290-00 Rub
Zhul’en with chicken and mushrooms (Chicken and mushroom en cocotte) 1/130 240-00 Rub
“Melegiano” eggplants with tomatoes and cheese 1/140 240-00 Rub
Scallops with vegetable spaghetti 1/110 280-00 Rub
Bruschetta with anchovies, tomatoes and cheese 1/170 250-00 Rub
Fish balls with tomato sauce 100/40 270-00 Rub
Pelmeni with wild boar meat 1/220 320-00 Rub
Kundyumy with duck meat 1/220 350-00 Rub
Pelmeni with reindeer meat 1/220 320-00 Rub
Over day Kremlevskiye shchi with cereal cake 250/50/50 350-00 Rub
Vladimir soup with guinea fowl meat 250/10 320-00 Rub
Borsch with veal served under puff-pastry cover 250/50 330-00 Rub
Znatnaya potted fish soup with precious fish 1/250 360-00 Rub
Hot Meat Dishes
Grilled loin of veal
Grilled loin of milk-fed calf, the tenderest meat with delicate taste
1/250*/30 920-00 Rub
Chef’s beef loin steak mignon 1/300*/30 720-00 Rub
Lamb shank oven-stewed with potatoes 1/350 630-00 Rub
Rib eye steak of premium marbled meat
Juicy steak of rib part of globally recognized Black Angus beef
1/400*/30 1590-00 Rub
Milk-fed lamb rack
Full-flavoured pieces of bone-in lamb meat, grilled on open fire until crispy
1/250*/30 920-00 Rub
Beefsteak of selected beef with tomatoes and cheese
Grid grilled beef loin steak with tomatoes and cheese
1/250*/30 560-00 Rub
Duck fillet with Vladimir cherry sauce 120/80 790-00 Rub
Grilled pork loin
Grilled bone-in pork loin in onion and pepper marinade
1/200/30 590-00 Rub
Grilled lamb loin
Lamb fillet cold pre-smoked and charbrioled
180/30 590-00 Rub
Chicken Tabaka with homemade adjika sauce 1/350 490-00 Rub
Pork filet mignon
Tender and juicy meat with Jus sauce on potato
1/210 450-00 Rub
Chicken medallions with pineapple and curry sauce 1/250 450-00 Rub
Boiled buckwheat with scallop and ceps 1/250 580-00 Rub
Assorted shish kebab
Pork, mutton, beef, chicken meat grilled on skewers
1/300/50 690-00 Rub
Mutton lulah kebab with pine nuts 1/240/50 520-00 Rub
Hot Fish Dishes
“Premium” starlet
Stewed sturgeon served with caviar and new potatoes
1/460 1390-00 Rub
Grilled tiger shrimps
Grid grilled with onion oil; served with honey and pepper sauce
120/40/50 890-00 Rub
Grilled icefish
Non-bony pike-like icefish smoked on fruit tree chips
1/250 880-00 Rub
Grilled steak of Vladimir pike perch stuffed with tiger shrimps 220/80 750-00 Rub
Grilled steak of Murmansk salmon on an apple slice 120/60 690-00 Rub
СHouse favourite pike perch steak on zucchini spaghetti
Low-temperature stewed pike perch fillet in milk marinade. Served on zucchini spaghetti with tomato sauce
180/100 690-00 Rub
Pike cutlets in cabbage leaves 1/320 590-00 Rub
Catfish meat balls baked in bechamel sauce 1/175 520-00 Rub
Steak of tender halibut with gremolata and vegetable sauté 120/100 730-00 Rub
Grilled vegetables 1/190 230-00 Rub
Asparagus tips on grilled tomatoes 1/100 290-00 Rub
Sliced French fries 1/100 150-00 Rub
Wild rice with spicy oil 1/100 130-00 Rub
Mashed potatoes with crispy chips 1/120 150-00 Rub
Fruit and berry plate
(starfruit, strawberries, pineapple, oranges, grapes, pears, mango)
1/650 690-00 Rub
Chef’s pineapple ravioli stuffed with cheese 1/150 210-00 Rub
Cheese Eskimo with sea buckthorn sauce and nuts 1/110 190-00 Rub
Chocolate dessert with berry sauce and fluffy meringue 1/130 230-00 Rub
Refreshing dessert “Summer Heat”, fruit salad with granilla 1/190 250-00 Rub
Austrian strudel with apples 1/120 230-00 Rub
Napoleon cake with wild berry dressing 100/50 190-00 Rub
Traditional cheesecake with homemade jam 1/150 240-00 Rub
Tiramisu with wild strawberries 1/110 260-00 Rub
Choice of homemade jam 1/100 150-00 Rub
“Vladimirskiye” pancakes
Honey, condensed milk, sour cream, seasonal jam at your choice
1/100 150-00 Rub
Choice of ice-cream 1/90 170-00 Rub
Lemon sorbet 1/100 210-00 Rub
Chef’s lemonade 250 60-00 Rub
Tarhun 250 60-00 Rub
Mojito 250 120-00 Rub
Homemade kvass 250 60-00 Rub
Natural fruit and berry drink Voznesensky 250 60-00 Rub
Milkshake with banana 250 240-00 Rub
Pepsi, Seven-up 250 110-00 Rub
Choice of “Ya” juice 250 50-00 Rub
Fresh juices
Citrus (orange, tangerine, grapefruit) 250 190-00 Rub
Orange pineapple 250 240-00 Rub
Carrots with cream 250 190-00 Rub
Apple 250 200-00 Rub
Pomegranate with pineapple 250 350-00 Rub
Pineapple 250 350-00 Rub
Mineral water
Aqua Minerale 600 80-00 Rub
Perrier 330 180-00 Rub
Vittel 500 230-00 Rub
Rychal Su 500 110-00 Rub
Borjomi 500 270-00 Rub
Tea collection
Altai herbs 350 320-00 Rub
Chamomile and linden tree flowers with pear slices 750 250-00 Rub
Chamomile and linden tree flowers with pear slices 300 190-00 Rub
Sea-buckthorn with mint and lemon 750 230-00 Rub
Sea-buckthorn with mint and lemon 300 180-00 Rub
Thyme 750 200-00 Rub
Thyme 300 160-00 Rub
Milk oolong 750 190-00 Rub
Milk oolong 300 150-00 Rub
Mint and lemon 750 200-00 Rub
Mint and lemon 300 160-00 Rub
Black or green tea 750 170-00 Rub
Black or green tea 300 120-00 Rub
Espresso 40 100-00 Rub
Americano 100 110-00 Rub
Cappuccino 150 160-00 Rub
Latte 150 180-00 Rub
Breakfast menu
Three fried eggs
Choice of omelette, sunny side up eggs, scrambled eggs
80-00 Rub
Additional toppings: Bacon 150-00 Rub
Gauda cheese 50 160-00 Rub
Champignons 75 180-00 Rub
Sweet pepper 40-00 Rub
Tomatoes 50-00 Rub
Cornflakes or choco pops with milk 60-00 Rub
Cottage cheese fritters with sour cream (3 pcs) 120-00 Rub
Caramel muffins (3 pcs) 150-00 Rub
Yogurt (plain or fruit flavored) 30-00 Rub
Choice of fruits
pineapple, grapes, orange, pear, strawberries
Milk porridge 80-00 Rub
Mixed nuts 45-00 Rub
Mixed dried fruits 25-00 Rub
cold beverage of yogurt mixed with cold water
40-00 Rub
Choice of Ya juice 50-00 Rub
Choice of Greenfield tea 40-00 Rub
Freshly brewed 100% Arabica coffee 50-00 Rub
Aqua Minerale mineral water
sparkling/ still
80-00 Rub
Choice of fresh juices
apple, orange, carrot, grapefruit, pear

*Product weight specified in its raw form. The weight of food on Your plate depends on the ordered doneness.

Park Hotel Voznesenskaya Sloboda